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Whoooooole Week Off!

June 20th, 2011 at 01:03 am

I have this whole week off from work! YEAH! Normally when I have time off it is always for a trip/vacation, so I am very excited to have some time off to just chill out and get some work done around the house.
Here is my to do list for my week off:
( )1)Dentist Apt
( )2)Donate Blood
( )3)Take in recycling
(X)4)Take back library books
( )5)Clean out car
( )6)Organize garage
( )7)Call chiro to check on DH's bill
( )8)Clean out study
(X)9)Wax eyebrows
( )10)Laundry
( )11)Clean bedroom
( )12)Organize Tupperware cupboard
( )13)Clean out kitchen closet
( )14)Clean out hottub
( )15)Boys Softball
( )16)Girls Softball
( )17)Go to BD lunch with Mom
( )18)Go through purses for rummage sale
( )19)Work at trailer

2 Responses to “Whoooooole Week Off!”

  1. M E 2 Says:

    I was supposed to be off next week, BUT, one of my co-workers, who constantly takes time off (because she is retirement age and doesn't really want to work anymore - she insists she has to keep working though @@) is having a chronic medical issue taken care of (it is NOT life threatening) and I suspect she may be back AFTER the 4th of July. @@

  2. Mozaik Says:

    Wow! that list left me breathless just reading it! going out for BD lunch with mom sounds great but I sure hope you do something to reward yourself and have some fun, each and every day. Nearly every large park in our city has some sort of festival every weekend, the plaza has lunchbox theatre M-F for a donation, most libraries have lists and lists of daily programs [for rainy days], there is a 50's car show at the mall, there are free ethnic cooking classes by the electric co. and I think there is a fashion show for cowboy gear. If I take on so many tasks I want mini rewards for motivations. bubble bath, pedicure, time to read a book or visit/gossip with a friend or neighbor.

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