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July 2011 Savings Update

July 4th, 2011 at 01:24 am

July 2011 Savings update
As of July 1, 2011:

Regular Savings:
Emergency Fund $3030
Anniversary Cruise $3865
Home Maintanence $220
Mortgage Payoff Account $15
Cushion $1550
HSA $4565
New Car $2020 - Complete
New Lawn Mower (cash) $735 - Complete
Laptop $510 - Complete
Vacation - $2555 - Complete
Total Regular Savings = $19,065.00

Retirement Savings:
Retirement Hold Account $1215
Roth IRA $3745
Rollover IRA $1380
401K $15,500
403B $10,000 (est)
Total Retirement Savings = $31,840.00

Total Savings = $50,905.00

Up $2190.00 from last month! We hit $50K in total savings!!!! Y E E H A W!!!!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!!

2 Responses to “July 2011 Savings Update”

  1. Mozaik Says:

    Kudos for setting targets and meeting/even exceeding them. Did you see the recent publicity campaign asking contributors to review their 401K holdings, fees, recommending products that are particularly beneficial to their firm's under writing which is not necessarily best for their client.

    No one cares about your money as much as you and it sadly, it falls to you to protect your assets.

  2. leahb Says:


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