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People Magazine

August 8th, 2011 at 03:18 am

My People Magazine subscription is coming due again in October and I have decided to not renew it. This will save a little over $100 a year ($2 an issue for 52 weeks). I really like People Magazine, but I am super behind on reading it, like weeks and weeks behind. I used to have some down time at work when I could read for a few minutes, or I would read them when we go on trips. But work has been super busy for the last several months and on my breaks I usually go walk outside or read a book. When we go on trips I usually read a book in the car or take a nap. So I decided to cut it, and if I want to get 1 for a roadtrip or something it would be way cheaper just to get one once in awhile rather then getting then every week.

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