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$20K Update - Met Checking Cushion and HSA Goals!

September 16th, 2011 at 01:06 am

DH got his first paycheck for Cross Country. We thought that he would be getting it all at once, or at least in a few paychecks, but turns out it is spread out during the whole school year. So each paycheck it is an extra $275 per paycheck. I asked DH what he wants to do since it is his money. He wants to save 1/2 for home maintenance/improvements so we can get a new patio door, and 1/2 for saving for something fun. So the portion that is going to the new patio door I will show on the $20K Challenge, but the other half I am not going to track on here since it will be spent I suppose....but it's his extra work, so he gets to pick how it is done.
We also started the September 2012 savings account.

Current Balance $10,925.00
-$355.00 To checking
-$20.00 for new toilet sear and new shower handle
+$600.00 Rummage Sale Money
+$100.00 to September 2012 Savings Account
+$100.00 to Anniversary Cruise
+$25.00 to Mortgage Payoff Account
+$25.00 to Home Maintenance
+$135.00 to Home Maintenance from CC pay
New Balance $11,535.00

ING $7235.00
Home Improvements(cash) $100.00
HSBC $4200.00
Total = $11,535.00

Also met 2 more goals!
Checking Cushion $1800
HSA $5000

I don't track those numbers towards the $20K Challenge since they are not funds we can use for whatever we want. Super happy with how we are doing on our goals for the year! We have to go back and re-meet the EF goal since that was where we pulled from during the paycheck shortage, but everything else is going very well!

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