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Free Stuff and Donations

September 24th, 2011 at 02:31 am

My Mom's friend had brought a ton of stuff for the last rummage sale, and when it was over she said we could have what we wanted from her stuff and donate or toss what we didn't want.

I finished going through everything as well as weeding out our old stuff that wasn't selling. I ended up taking 4 boxes to donate. I also took 4 prom/bridesmaids dress and 2 graduation gowns and donated them to a local charity that helps homeless teams with normal teenage activities like prom etc.

I found several items that I wanted to keep for myself to wear.
4 Tanktops
2 T-shirts
1 Cardigan
4 Long Sleeve shirts
1 Sweater
1 Pair of shorts
2 Skirts
So I then went through my closet and picked out all the same items to get rid of of my own. A perfect exchange, I got 15 new items for FREE and got rid of 15 of my old clothes that I don't wear anymore. This is a great way to keep the clutter down in your closet when you get new clothes.

Then I went through everything she had left and marked them for the next rummage sale.
60 Shirts
35 Pairs of Pants
5 Dresses
3 Skirts
3 Coats

Should make a pretty nice profit on all of it at the next sale!

*ETA - Here is what I have sold so far from this stuff:

5/18/12 $7.50
6/23/12 $11.25
8/24/12 $20.50
9/7/12 $57.75
6/15/13 $9.00
Total made so far - $106.00 Free!!

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