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$20K Update - $16K!!!

January 31st, 2012 at 07:58 pm

Finally got my $25 reimbursement for paying for my gaming fee for Bingo back in September so stuck that in the EF. Lots of misc little deposits since we get paid from all of our jobs this week....and we hit $16K!!!
I am pumped, I can see the end of the $20K Challenge! Between our taxes and not having to pay the mortgage for 2 months (seperate refi post to come soon) we should hit $20K in March or April!! YEAH! Then we can throw all of our extra money including the bingo money to the mortgage......say bye bye mortgage, your days (ok years) are numbered!!

Current Balance $15,670.00
+$90.00 Bingo Tips
+$25.00 Gaming License Reimbursement to EF
-$28.00 To ROTH IRA
+$3.00 Even Out Amount
+$100.00 To September 2012
+$125.00 To Home Improvements
+$15.00 To EF to get to $16K!!!!
New Balance $16,000.00

Bingo Money $1510.00
ING $8810.00 ($1500.00 Bingo Money)
Mortgage Payoff $125.00
Home Improvements(cash) $945.00
HSBC $4610.00
Total = $16,000.00

Added $91.15 to Bingo Tips
Tips total - $1157.36
Wage total - $1855.46
Total Bingo Money - $3012.82

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