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$20K Update

May 9th, 2012 at 08:36 pm

Got a surprise refund from our previous mortgage carrier of $990! YEAH! So I rounded it up to $1000 and tossed it into the New Car fund...almost got that puppy up to $5K! Also got the Bingo money over $5K...I will get my last paycheck from Bingo on Friday and then I will transfer it all into ING.

Current Balance $20,305.00
+$155.00 Bingo Tips
+$255.00 Bingo Wages
+$35.00 Overtime pay to EF
+$30.00 Chase CC Rewards Check
+$1000.00 Mortgage Refund
+$100.00 ING Sept 2012
+$250.00 Home Maintenance
-$140.00 to ROTH IRA
+$9.39 ING Interest
+$22.61 Even Out Amount
New Balance $22,020.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1355.00
ING $17,765.00 ($4000.00 Bingo Money)
Mortgage Payoff $130.00
Home Improvements(cash)$845.00
HSBC $1,925.00
Total = $22,020.00

Added $252.42 to Bingo Wages, $69.50 and $87.25 to Bingo Tips
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3351.97
Total Bingo Money - $5358.58

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