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Productive Snowday

November 10th, 2012 at 07:05 pm

Last night we had freezing rain and then today it snowed alllllllll day here. Not sure how many inches yet, but I know it was a lot. My FB friends were all talking about sliding down their icy driveways and apparently all the fastfood joints are closed due to the weather. The only time I left the house was around noon and the roads were ok, but the visibility was horrible. The driveway is so full of snow you can't even see the tracks where we left, so tomorrow will be a fun day of shoveling.
But today was productive. I counted our change, $90.00! So that will go with my BL money ($40) to be added to the Dec mortgage payment. I went to the gym (first time in months-ugh), bought a few groceries, and cleaned out my toiletries closet! We also watched like 4 movies on Netflix, this made DH happy cause he feels like he is productive when he gets things out of our instant que...lol, and DH tried a new recipe, cauliflower mac'n'cheese. Waiting to eat some now. Smile

1 Responses to “Productive Snowday ”

  1. Jerry Says:

    My buddy counted his change from the past couple of years and it lead to a nice windfall of almost $200! Nice to have some insurance of additional cash in a bottle or jug, there, isn't it? Smile Jerry

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