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Toiletry Closet

November 10th, 2012 at 07:29 pm

Normally I keep this closet very neat, but it was too full and starting to get messy. Plus it was next on my list of cleaning/purging/organizing! So I used my snowday wisely and attacked it!

Before Full Closet:

After Full Closet:

Before Top Shelves:

After Top Shelves:

Here is the inventory:
5 Boxes Kleenex
30 Bar Soaps
3 Bottles Contact Solution
16 Womens Replacement Razor Heads (4 more in bathroom)
1 Venus Embrace Razor with 2 spare heads
3 Bottles Hair Gel (2 more in bathroom)
1 Hairspray
7 Bodywashes
8 Lotions (Many more in bathroom)
4 Mens Shaving Foams (My 8 are on the storage shelf)
2 Bottles of Handsoap
2 Bodysprays (8 more in bathroom)
1 Foot Spa Kit
3 Nail Polish Sets (these are for gifts)
12 Nail Polish (38 more in bathroom)
2 Bottles Febreze
8 Jar Candles
7 Bottles Shampoo (4 more on storage shelf)
16 Bottles Conditioner (4 more on storage shelf)
Waxing Pot and Supplies

Travel Size Bottles:
70 Shampoo/Conditioner
27 Bar Soap
34 Lotion
5 BathGel
*I organized these in their ziploc bags, tossed the ones that were leaking, and sent a few of the lotions to work with DH.

4 Travel Size Bottles that were leaking

Pirates of the Carribean Bath Fizzies
3 Suave Conditioners (I don't use this kind)

Halle Berry Perfume Set - to SIL for her BD

1 Responses to “Toiletry Closet ”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Nice! I always enjoy seeing before and after photos. It helps motivate and provides ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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