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A little shopping

November 21st, 2012 at 03:11 am

I picked up a few things for Thanksgiving dessert and went to use some coupons I got in the mail.

$10 off $10 purchase at JCP
-When I get these I usually try to find something for $10 so I get it for free, but after doing the clothes inventory of my room, I have sooooo much socks and gloves and things that would be $10 or so. I tried on a few shirts, and ended up finding some yoga capris. I go through these pretty frequently cause I wear them working out and can also wear them to work. I found a pair for $20, and then had my $10 coupon so that was a good price. Then when I checked out, they rang up on clearance for $14! So after my coupon got them for $4! YEAH!

I also had a coupon for a free sample of See's Candy. I went to the stand in the mall and got 2 for free, one for me and one for DH.

I needed a gift bag for my bro's BD present, so stopped at the Dollar Store and got 9 bags, 2 Wedding, 2 Baby, and 5 BD. That way I will be stocked up for awhile.

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