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Finished closet in extra room

December 2nd, 2012 at 08:15 pm

I cleaned out the closet in the extra room today. There wasn't much to do in there as I keep it organized with the rummage sale stuff in there. But there were several old binders that I went through, took out the dividers, wiped down and marked for the rummage sale. DH and I seem to have accumulated a lot of binders when we were in college....I kept a few, and marked 11 for the rummage sale....jeez that's a lot! I will organize all the dividers and decide if I want to keep or sell those. Also found a box with 4 energy efficient light bulbs, 1 bathroom vanity lightbulb and 2 car headlight lightbulbs. Apparently at some point in time I was collecting all the lightbulbs in one spot. Smile I will decide if I want to continue to keep those in that closet or move them, for now that may be the best spot.

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