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Started the Cleaning/Purging/Organizing of the Living Room

May 13th, 2013 at 01:47 am

Our living room is pretty simple and not a lot of clutter in it, no wall shelving or anything to get packed with unneeded items. I do have 2 movie shelves, and a small entertainment center with our TV, some board games and gaming systems in the cabinets of it.

So not too much to do in this room. I started today with the movie shelves. I just went through all of the movies a few weeks ago and got rid of 18 of them. So I didn't need to go through them again, they just needed to be dusted and have the shelves dusted. I took care of that and also found 2 more movies to get rid of.

Hoping to find time this week to dust and clean out the entertainment system. I will also be getting out the furniture cleaner for our leather chairs and couch, and hiring a carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets. They have not been professionally cleaned since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago.

2 Responses to “Started the Cleaning/Purging/Organizing of the Living Room”

  1. snafu Says:

    We're working through the same process room-by-room. Hope you got a written guarantee by rug cleaners, sometime the stains return when the carpet dries. It's so much easier to manage household task in the summer in the rooms are more Zen-like. I've put away winter throws, pitched stuff that accumulated in the magazine/newspaper rack,removed nicknacks on coffee & end tables and changed out throw pillow covers. Added a large hanging plant and two small plants to bring green indoors and 'clean the air.'

    Early May is a big time collection period at Goodwill. Use it to motivate inventorying the linen cabinet. Send stained/thin sheets & towels to the animal shelter. If you have time, tear into strips and braid into pull toys - terrific stress reliever! Bed linen and towels you don't use, don't need are very much appreciated by those who work with the homeless.

    Currently changing out kitchen tools and equipment - BBQ tools, corn holders, smaller plates and larger salad bowls.

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Sounds like you are working hard too snafu!

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