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Kmart and CVS Deals....Hmm this is new?

August 17th, 2013 at 06:46 pm

Total for everything pictured was a profit in my pocket of $1.57!!

I had some $3.00 off Biore manufacturer coupons that I wanted to use. I wasn't sure where to go to find a good price where I could get some cheap/free items. I decided to check at Kmart since it is close to my work. I never shop at Kmart because I have bad, bad, bad customer service there, long, slow lines and our store seems very dingy. Not a fan. But I went in and checked it out and found some Biore Make-up Removing Towelettes for $2.74, plus they are BOGO 50% off - Perfect! So I got 2 and took them to the register.

Here is what I think I will be doing:

Biore Make-up Removing Towelettes
(1) $2.74 Regular Price
(1) $1.37 (50% off)
-$3.00 Mfr Coupon
-$3.00 Mfr Coupon
= -$1.89
So I anticipate I will pay $0, or may have to pay tax

But I get rang up, by a "Customer Service Supervisor" and she tells me my total is $1.57. HUH? I say, "That doesn't sound right, both of the items are under $3.00, and I have 2 $3.00 coupons. How are you getting $1.57" She says, "Well one of the was $2.74 and one was $1.37 and then I took off your two coupons and it come to $1.57". ???? Were you even listening to what you were saying? That doesn't add up at all? So she looked it again and then said, "Oh I guess the 2nd coupon didn't come off." So she adjusted it and then the total said
-$1.57. Perfect, now I won't pay anything. I anticipate she will give me my receipt. Instead she hands me my receipt....and $1.57 in cash out of the register!! WHAT?! That was new for me! I don't know if this is a normal Kmart policy, but I have never been actually handed cash when I am at the register. If your total is $0 or negative, then you just get it free here (ND), I am thinking that was not the correct way for her to handle that....and she was the supervisor?? Well anyways, I was pumped about the deal!

So the Biore Make-Up Removing Towelettes came out to a profit of .78 for one and .79 for the 2nd!!
(Marked $1.50 each for the rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 2 for $1.50 each at 9/5/13 rummage sale
= $4.57 Profit!!

I also got some Biore at CVS, but was only able to get one. One day they let me use the coupons, and the next day I got a manager who said I couldn't use them since the amount on the coupon was more then the amount of the product. Really wish they would all be trained the same on the coupon policies.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
Regular Price $1.99
-$1.99 ($3.00 Mfr Coupon)
Final Price - $0!!
(Keeping these)

Also got some sweet finds in the 90% off bin!

Covergirl Clean Normal Skin Pressed Powder (Bought 3)
Regular Price $7.99
-$7.19 Sale Price
-$1.50 Mfr Coupon (3)
Final Price - $0!! All 3 Free!!
(Marked for $4.00 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $4.00 at 9/4/14 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 1 for $4.00 at 5/5/17 rummage sale

2 Responses to “Kmart and CVS Deals....Hmm this is new?”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice deals. I am not a fan of Kmart either. I might visit once a year, but reluctantly!!

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    I always like reading about your great deals and esp. when you get stuff free. Money back? Now that's something! Big Grin

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