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New areas to focus

May 27th, 2014 at 02:48 am

I started a new ab routine today, it's one of those 30 day dealies...it is set to start on June 1st, but I thought why wait another week, might as well start today! So I did that and an ab cardio video that I haven't done in a long time.

Was thinking a lot about things to focus on and the 3 I am really thinking for now to keep me busy and upbeat is #1 Physical Fitness, #2 Lawn Care and Improvement and #3 Cooking.

I am already very active, but would like to work on some areas, namely my abs, that is my "problem" area, so I am excited for this 30 day challenge to get a good kick start.

The lawn/yard work is never ending. Honestly my yard is terrible. I have several rock beds that are completely overrun by weeds. Lots of yellow patches, a spot where a stump got pulled out so now it's just a big circle of dirt....I mean I really could do yard work everyday for hours and never get it all done. So that will be a good hobby for me to get into.

I would like to do at least one night a week where I make a new dish. When I went to a BBQ this weekend I didn't have much notice, and was texted to "Just bring some chips or something" I had like an hr to get ready and decided to whip up a noodle salad instead of grabbing chips and everyone loved it so that made me happy. Smile So I thought that would be something fun to focus on and make me feel good.

4 Responses to “New areas to focus”

  1. snafu Says:

    I found it cost efficient to take a group of photos of front, back and side yard to the plant nursery along with a list of how sun affected west facing property. They drew a rough sketch of where to plant suitable shrubbery and perennials. It took a few years to get it all done as it was far less expensive to buy and plant some of the items in the fall. Spreading out the work and cost kept it a fun project as opposed to just an expensive and hard work grind.

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    Good advice snafu, thank you!

  3. seahorse Says:

    I love noodle salads! How did you make yours?

  4. Banker Gurl Says:

    It wasn't anything fancy, but the fact that everyone enjoyed it made me happy since I have never been much of a cook of any kind....lol. Just hasn't ever really interested me a lot. I used noodles with a seasoning packet and miracle whip light, then added black olives, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pepperjack cheese cut into cubes and pepporoni slices (the really big pepperonis cut into fourths). I don't use too much sauce cause I wanted it to be nice and light. Smile

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