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Debt Update - 5/27/16

May 28th, 2016 at 03:38 am

TGIF ladies and gents! Excited for a 3 day weekend, even though it probably won't be too relaxing, have a lot of house and yard work planned, and a Memorial Service on Monday. Hopefully we can get some things done that we have been putting off.

We will be working on getting everything moved into one of our extra rooms now that the extra roommate moved out. The room is very large and has wood floors so will be great for a workout room. We are moving our elliptical, weight machine, misc workout equipment and a TV into there tomorrow. It is also in our basement so will be nice and cool. I am re-dedicating myself to my health again on 6/1/16, starting a new dietbet, making a healthy dinner calendar and workout calendar, so I am excited to have an area dedicated to working out. I think this will also help MO a lot as he hates to workout in front of anyone and right now the elliptical is in our living room.

Very boring update, only down $284.42 in the last 2 weeks....but they can't all be whopper updates...and still going in the right direction! I can't wait to finish ONE of these races...

Our payments on the Mom Loan start 6/1 and then we will start seeing some serious progress again as the payments are $600 a month.

Celebrations for this update:
-Total debt went down $284.42 in the last 2 weeks!
-I just told MO "Ugh I don't even have any celebrations for this update" and his response "You can celebrate loving me" What a ham! So that is what we are celebrating this update! LOL

Student Loan $0
Payback Savings $0
David's Bridal $0
Scheel's Card $0
Total Rewards $0
LOC - US Bank $0
Ring Iddeal $0
Best Buy $0
Store Loan $11,785.20
Mom Loan #2 $28,000.00
MO Mortgage $87,196.11
My Mortgage $156,600.00
Our Mortgage $253,943.88
Total = $537,525.19

Down $284.42 in the last 2 weeks!!

Starting total was $587,351.27
$49,826.08 paid off since 6/19/15 (including downpayment on house).

We have $160.00 in a savings account to pay off the Mom Loan, so the amount we still owe that is $27,840.00.

1 Responses to “Debt Update - 5/27/16”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I hope you have a great long weekend!

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