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Midyear Update to 2016 Goals

May 28th, 2016 at 03:57 am

Here is a midyear update to my 2016 goals. Pretty happy with progress so far. Definitely need to improve on some things, specifically losing weight. Can you believe 1/2 of the year is over!!??

2016 Goals

-Pay in cash for trip to Laughlin - DONE
-Pay in cash for cruise - We have to pay this in 2 weeks, we will put it on our Discover Card to get the cash back rewards and then pay for it in full when the bill comes so that we don't pay any interest
-Keep savings at/above $5K by end of year

-Set aside money to payoff Appliances Card - DONE, we decided to just pay it off to get it done with
-Payoff Mom Loan #1 (Balance on 12/31/15 $13,741.64) - DONE
-Store Loan (From $13,013.05 to $10,094.05) - Currently at $11,785.20
-HELOC (From $28,830.17 to $25,330.00) - Paid Off/Consolidated to Mom Loan #2
-Rental #1 Mortgage (From $158,190.00 to $154,500.00) - Currently at $156,600.00
-Rental #2 Mortgage (From $88,051.53 to $86,000.00) - Currently at $87,196.11
-Our House (From $255,775.94 to $250,000.00) - Currently at $253,943.88
-STRETCH GOAL Total Debt Balance down to $525K or less. That is down $35,502.33 for the year. Balance on 12/31/15 $560,502.33. - Currently at $537,525.19

-Continue contributing 6% to 401K DONE
-Research and review allocations of ROTH and make appropriate adjustments Nope...

-Be positive and thankful for what I have Feeling really good about this. XH texted me randomly again a few days ago. I didn't respond and didn't dwell on it nearly as much as I would have before. Feel better mentally everyday!
-Lose 40lbs before cruise (Sept 2016) I actually gained 10lbs Frown UGH Starting over again on 6/1/16 with new workout and eating plan.

Home Improvements and Rental Updates
-Finish unpacking/organizing at new house House is done, still working on garage
-Complete minor repairs at Rental #1 (hole in wall)Nope
-Find renter for whole house at Rental #2 - DONE
-Complete minor repairs at Rental #2 (porch step, landscaping) - We worked on the landscaping, still need to do a few minor repairs
-Plant garden at new house - Waiting for tiller to be repaired, should be done any day now

3 Responses to “Midyear Update to 2016 Goals”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    You are so switched on with all of these goals! You can lose the weight in that time.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    One more month to go before mid year, right?? (Even so, this year is going by crazy fast.)

  3. Banker Gurl Says:

    ceejay - Ha yes I guess you are right! I don't know why I was thinking it was mid year...lol!

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