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How did we do on 2016 Goals??

December 28th, 2016 at 02:43 am

Here are my goals from this year and how we did! Overall I am very happy, especially with how we did for debt reduction!

2016 Goals

-Pay in cash for trip to Laughlin Goal Met!
-Pay in cash for cruise We ended up cancelling this when we found out it was a lot more expensive then we had planned, and I am very happy we made that decision! We were able to get our deposit back and put the money back in savings
-Keep savings at/above $5K by end of year Curently at $8315!

-Set aside money to payoff Appliances Card (We don't have the numbers for this yet since they haven't been delivered yet. It is a 0% card until June 2017). Paid Off!
-Payoff Mom Loan (Current balance $13,741.64) Paid Off!
-Store Loan (From $13,013.05 to $10,094.05)Goal Met!
-HELOC (From $28,830.17 to $25,330.00)Paid off! (Transferred into Mom Loan #2 - balance $24,107.25)
-Rental #1 Mortgage (From $158,190.00 to $154,500.00)Goal Met!
-Rental #2 Mortgage (From $88,051.53 to $86,000.00)Goal Met!
-Our House (From $255,775.94 to $250,000.00) We didn't make any extra payments on this debt, current balance is $251,325.62
-STRETCH GOAL Total Debt Balance down to $525K or less. That is down $32,602.33 for the year (Currently at $557,602.33, not counting the appliances yet). Current debt is at $525,644.74, just $644.74 short....but with the $900 we have set aside to payoff Mom Loan #2, we made the stretch goal!!

-Continue contributing 6% to 401K Goal Met!
-Research and review allocations of ROTH and make appropriate adjustments Fail....didn't do anything with this

-Be positive and thankful for what I have Feel like I did good at this, but room for improvement
-Lose 40lbs before cruise (Sept 2016)Fail, didn't lose any weight

Home Improvements and Rental Updates
-Finish unpacking/organizing at new house Goal Met!
-Complete minor repairs at Rental #1 (hole in wall)This did not get completed
-Find renter for whole house at Rental #2 Goal Met! We have had the full house rented since April.
-Complete minor repairs at Rental #2 (porch step, landscaping)We got some landscaping done, but more is needed, and porch step is not fixed yet.
-Plant garden at new house We did this and I can't wait to make it bigger and better next year!

4 Responses to “How did we do on 2016 Goals??”

  1. jokeabee Says:

    You really killed it this year! Congratulations!

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    You did great!

  3. alice4now Says:

    Yay! Looks like your hard work has paid off!

  4. snafu Says:

    Wow! really impressive! Take a bow. I know I couldn't manage so many accounts so effectively

    Just to keep the flow, where are you with gift card assets? I wonder if they should be tracked with assets. There are online buyers for those you're unlikely to use. Would your mom accept any as part of her payment for original loan? I'm seeing some nasty inflation bumps which means increased prices, loss of buying power, [long winded] reduction in value

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