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Giftcard Inventory

December 31st, 2017 at 01:58 am

We usually get giftcards from MO's employer for Christmas, but they didn't do giftcards this year, so no Visa or MasterCard GCs. But we still have a very large balance. The ones for restaurants go quickly in the summer time when we have softball. Menards and CVS are always revolving balances for resell items. Medora is a tourist town and MO won a giftcard there that we can use on food, hotel, entertainment, souvenirs, etc. So we will try to plan a weekend vaca there this summer.

Applebees $2.00
Applebees $25.00
Applebees $25.00
Applebees $25.00
Applebees $25.00
Applebees $25.00
Applebees $25.00
Buffalo Wild Wings $25.00
Buffalo Wild Wings $25.00
Buffalo Wild Wings $25.00
CVS $5.00
CVS $10.00
CVS $10.00
CVS $40.15
Discover Cashback Rewards $503.95
JCPenney $9.24
Kohls $25.00
Massage $50.00
McDonalds $100.00
Medora $1000.00
Menards $23.39
Menards $29.79
Menards $50.00
Menards $102.73
Menards $111.48
Menards $299.68
Outback Steakhouse $25.00
Outback Steakhouse $50.00
Papa Johns $10.00
Papa Johns $10.00
Red Lobster $50.00
Scheels $15.00
Scheels $25.00
Scheels $25.00
Starbucks $3.72
Target $5.00
Target $16.00
Texas Roadhouse $50.00
TGIFridays $25.00
Total $2907.13

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