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Big Vet and Heating Bills

September 11th, 2019 at 01:26 pm

We took all 3 of our puppy girls to the vet....at.the.same.time. #neveragain

It was a big crazy mess and included a giant bill of almost $700.00! UGH! The new baby needed her baby shots and the big girls needed their yearly stuff. They all have something going on and had to get meds for all 3 too (included in the big bill). I put that on the Discover so we will get our cash back rewards.

Then we also got the bill to fill our propane tank...$872! They do offer a discount for paying within 10 days with cash or check so we did that and got $80 off and the new bill was $792.00 So that was nice to get a big savings on the bill.

I turned in our property management hours for the year and it came out to $787.00 so that money was used to pay the propane bill. The vet bill will probably have to come out of savings once the Discover bill comes.

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