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10-28-09 Shopping at Target

October 28th, 2009 at 10:58 pm

Got some good use of coupons today
1)Always Infinity Panty Liners - 16 count
-Coupon for Free Box (savings $3.99)
2)Puffs Tissues - 3 box pack
-3 Super size boxes for same price as 3 Regular size boxes
- $1 off coupon (savings $1.00 plus extra tissues from super size boxes)
3)Gain Fabric Softner 120 sheets
- Checked price againest store brand and cost was the same
- $1 off coupon (savings $1.00)

Plus we got a $1 off coupon for Skintimate shave gel when we checked out. I will definitely use that as well (I hate the generic shave foam....that stuff kills my skin!)

Think we did ok!

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