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Christmas Shopping Update

November 5th, 2009 at 11:52 pm

Here is how I am doing -

Husband - Red Sox stuff

Mom - Flipflops

Dad - Still no ideas, but I told him to get me some suggestions

Brother #1 - Grill set or house stuff

Brother #2 - Got him a DVD for $5, probably will throw in a GC too....

Sister-in-Law - DONE! Margarita Shaker and Hand Juicer - $17.89 total!

Uncle - DONE! NFL Shop Steelers Hat that I got for FREE for sending in bottle caps from Mountain Dew bottles

Cousin - DONE! Book from Barnes and Noble.com, I bought a used version that said status "new" and used a GC that I had won at work, total cost $6.74, plus a Dr. Scholls "Love my Sole" pack $8.67.

Friend #1 - DONE! Book from B&N again, and used another GC, total cost $11.07

Friend #2 - DONE! Book from Target on sale $9.84

Friend #3 - DONE! DVD $5



SIL #2 - DVD $5, will see what else DH wants to get for her....

DH's Grandma - DONE! Womans Vest $32

Total Christmas Budget = $400.00
Totals as of 10/19/09
$101.21 spent on 5 people!
7 people done out of 15(2 others half done)
So far I am about $100 under budget which is awesome! Keep getting a couple more here and there. DH is supposed to do his Mom and Dad this weekend too!

2 Responses to “Christmas Shopping Update”

  1. littlemama Says:

    You're doing great. I'm need to make a list like yours to keep things straight. Smile

  2. Jerry Says:

    I'm with your husband... if my wife can find me some Red Sox stuff this year, I will be pleased. They aren't selling that kind of stuff here, though, so she will have to have it sent from the States, and that gets expensive. We aren't going to take out a second mortgage or cash out a retirement annuity to pay for Christmas presents! I like that your list is all organized, though... that is great.

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