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Little Free Items Popping Up This Week

November 5th, 2009 at 03:19 pm

It's been a good week for "prizes" for me.

At work I got a little reward, a thank you note with a waterbottle and a $5 giftcard to TGIF.

I won a radio trivia contest and got a free "Love It Creation" from Coldstone.

We got our quarterly points statement from Famous Footwear, and we had enough points for a $5 coupon. The coupon can be used for any purchase....there is no minimum purchase. Last time we got one of these we found a pair of really nice DC brand flipflops on clearance for $5 and so got them absolutley free! I will try to find cheap shoes again, but if we can't I can always find some socks for $5.

We won $20 plus a pocket full of change last night at the casino. That all went into our "Mortgage Payoff Bucket" for next months principle payment.

Also Free Samples in the mail this week:
-Mini Box of Honey Nut Cheerios (plus $2 off coupons Cheerios)
-2 Free Always Infinity Panty liners (plus $1 off Always)

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