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Medical Bills

November 5th, 2009 at 11:35 pm

I am only 25, so have not had a lot of experience with medical bills. I have been on my own insurance since I was 21, but luckily have been relatively healthy until now. Now we are starting to have medical expenses. And I am going to make sure I stay on top of the medical bills. I actually work in health insurance, so I understand everything regarding my plan etc. I am very adamant about making sure that everything was received by my insurance, processed correctly and my portion was paid in a timely manner.

I had a dental cleaning/checkup at the beginning of Oct and the claim was still not received by my insurance by the last week of October. So I called the dental office and made sure they were submitting the claim (the rep told me she didn't know why it wasn't submitted). It was now received and I was happy to see it was paid in full, and I did not even have a copay.

We also have 4 seperate medical bills that I am waiting to come in. We have a Health Reimbursement Fund (HRA) that had $380 in it (this is money put in by my employer) so that will help cover some of the bills. I estimate once everything is in and the HRA has been used up then we will owe about $400 (our plan applies everything towards our $2500 deductible, once that is met then the plan kicks in....next year it goes to $3200 Frown ) We have the money in savings to cover this, but I am hoping to get some OT at work in the next couple of weeks to cover the bills. Have to wait and see if work is offering OT or not....

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