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Christmas Shopping - Finally Done

December 12th, 2009 at 10:45 pm

I finally finished Christmas shopping, I dont remember ever waiting this long to finish.....but with the OT project I have really not been feeling much like shopping.
Here is the final tally:

Husband - DONE! $100 on a watch and other misc gifts

Mom - DONE! Went in with my little bro and got her a bike on black Friday $25

Dad - DONE! Card table and chairs $24

Brother #1 - DONE! Cubs memorbilia $22

Brother #2 - DONE! DVD for $5,and $10 GC

Sister-in-Law - DONE! Margarita Shaker and Hand Juicer - $18 total!

Uncle - DONE! NFL Shop Steelers Hat that I got for FREE for sending in bottle caps from Mountain Dew bottles

Cousin - DONE! Book from Barnes and Noble.com, I bought a used version that said status "new" and used a GC that I had won at work, total cost $6.74, plus a Dr. Scholls "Love my Sole" pack $8.67.

Friend #1 - DONE! Book from B&N again, and used another GC, total cost $11.07

Friend #2 - DONE! Book from Target on sale $9.84

Friend #3 - DONE! DVD $5

MIL - DONE! Season of Ally Mcbeal $30

FIL - DONE! Sweater $25

SIL #2 - DVD $5 and $10 GC

DH's Grandma - DONE! Womans Vest $32

Total Christmas Budget = $400.00
$342 spent on 15 people!
15 people done out of 15
So I came in $58 under budget, but this does not include presents for me, and we usually spend about $100 a piece on each other. Overall I am happy with that though...and just soooo happy to be done! Smile

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