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First day of can season

April 4th, 2010 at 04:27 pm

Today was the 1st day of can season! It was finally nice enough out for DH and I to go for a walk outside. We go for walks a lot when the weather is nice enough, and we always bring a grocery bag with and collect aluminum cans as we go. I know some people may find this "below them" or gross or whatever. But I actually look forward to it. I am getting excercise, helping the enviroment, and also getting a little more money for savings. It's like an enviromental scavenger hunt! Smile We don't get a lot of money for cans, but it is still free money. Anyways today we got a lot of cans since the snow has been melting here and uncovering them. DH also found 2 pennies, so they went straight into our piggy bank for the mortgage principle! Feed the Pig!

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