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Biggest Loser Week 3

April 7th, 2010 at 04:06 pm

Week Two
Pounds Lost this week = +2
Total pounds lost = 1
% weight loss = .56%
Place = 4th out of 8 people
Total down since original BL = 3 Frown
My scale died so I went and got a new one, we use my scale for the "official" weighins. Apparently my old scale was a little off cause it showed all 8 of us had gained this week. Part of it could be Easter, but I really think that the scale was off before and now this one if probably more accurate. Either way, not a good week. I am bummed I have not been able to maintain my weight loss from last round of BL. At least it is nice outside now, DH and I have gone for walks every day this week. But I really need to get back into the gym........

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