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:( Doh!

April 17th, 2010 at 07:48 pm

Current Total = $9,925.00
-$300.00 Dumb overspending Frown
+$1.11 King Mattress CD Interest
+$3.89 Even out amount
New Total = $9,630.00
Unnecessary overspending went on this weekend. Normally I could cover $300 from checking.....but lately we have been more "cash poor" in our checking then usual. I tend to throw everything into savings or to the mortgage.....probably to a fault.....ok, not probably, it is to a fault. When ever we spend more then planned, whether it is a need or not, I always cover it from checking, and don't change our normal savings contributions.....this works ok for awhile, till it starts catching up with me and pretty soon we are scraping the bottom of the barrel in checking. I need to work on finding a happy medium between putting money to savings/mortgage and keeping enough in checking to not be stressed about it.

2 Responses to “:( Doh!”

  1. nmboone Says:

    I am completely the opposite! I tend to want to hoard money in my checking account when it would be better off somewhere else.

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    nmboone - We need to get together and find a happy medium! Smile

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