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Spring/Summer To Do List

April 19th, 2010 at 03:38 pm

Some progress made this weekend!
1) Get patio furniture out of the shed - DONE 4/17/10
2) Clean out garage
3) Repair lattice
4) Paint lattice
5) Take old hot tub cover to curb for clean up week - DONE 4/19/10
6) Clean out garden
7) Plant garden
8) Clean hot tub and put in new filter
9) Rake yard
10) Fix porchstep
11) Weed rockbeds
12) Weed driveway
13) Install new shower
14) Install new linoleum - Currently working on getting the old linoleum all pulled up and the floor prepped for new linoleum
15) Leather wash furniture
16) Put up blinds - DONE 4/18/10
17) Clean off grill - DONE 4/17/10
18) Clean out and wash my car
19) Clean out and wash DH's car
20) Get out our bikes and get tires fixed etc

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