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Summer Budget :(

May 23rd, 2010 at 06:20 pm

Well after reviewing the budget for the summer it sadly is a reality that we will not be able to put much extra at all to the mortgage till September. DH is a teacher and gets paid 9 months of the year. In the summer he works at a daycamp and makes about $600 less per month.....and as is I have been pulling from savings occasionally because of overspending and not planning ahead. So our choices to make it work were either lower savings contributions, lower retirement contributions, reduce spending (which we need to do anyways) or reduce extra mortgage payments. We are going to have to cut expenses already to make sure we don't have to take extra money out of savings. But we don't spend enough to have $600 to cut, so the next lowest priority would be the extra principle payments to the mortgage. We are going to try to still pay $100 or so but it will be very tight. That will put our actual mortgage decrease each month at $400 - $500.....not where we want to be, but still going down. I think for June we can swing the extra payment, but July and August will be minimal.
Summer Budget
$3200 Monthly Income (After retirement is taken out)
-$1300 Mortgage
-$1200 Cutback Expenses (car insurance, cell phones, internet, cable, gym, fuel, groceries, household, electric bill, water, misc everything!)
-$700 Savings Contributions

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