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Bingo, Casino and More Free Vegas

September 4th, 2010 at 09:48 pm

We went to the bar down the street yesterday to play Bingo. It is only a $1 a card and we only play one card per game (3 games) and a nice way to relax on Friday after work. But we never ever win at Bingo. They have good jackpots (up to $1200) if you hit the blackout within so many numbers. Yesterday the blackout prize was $600 if you hit it in like 58 numbers. Nobody got it, but DH did get the consolation blackout Bingo.....$21! Which he had to share with another person....LOL! YEAH $11! Oh well he was happy anyways just to finally get to say BINGO!

After Bingo we went with a friend to the casino. We were not going to go today, (we have not gone since we won the $800 over a month ago) but a coworker was talking about it all day and really gave me the casino itch. So we went for a few hours. I ended up hitting $270 betting .90 cents on a penny machine! Yeah! So had about 4 hrs of free entertainment yesterday and even came out ahead.

And lastly we got another comp flyer from the Hooters Hotel and Casino in Vegas. We got :
4 night free stay
$100 in free play
8 free breakfast buffets
Unfortunatley the freebies are only good until 10/31/2010 and we will not being going to Vegas again until next August. But we were excited that we got more comps, hopefully we will get more closer to our visit.

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