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Buying gifts and other misc shopping

September 4th, 2010 at 09:33 pm

I went to buy some gifts today at Target. I got a diaper genie for my brother's baby, it was one of the things that no one got them from the registry, so I figured I would pick it up. Then I have a friend who is getting married in November, so I figured we might as well get her gift today too before everything was off the registry. I usually spend about $30 for a friend's (not a super close friend) wedding gift. The only thing on her registry for around $30 was a Brita water pitcher. It was $30.79, so we went to find it and it was $5 off, plus you get a $5 gift card to Target for buying it! Yeah! So got a $30 present for $20. Happy with that deal.

I went to Kohl's this week to buy rugs for our bathroom that is FINALLY finished! I will post pictures soon, I just need to find a picture to put on the wall and then it is ALL done! Anyways.....I bought 3 black rugs, they were all on sale for 50% off, but still came to $40. I was also going to buy a small black garbage can for the bathroom, but this teeny tiny black garbage can was $26! Ummm no way! I figured I could go find one at Target for cheap, but my Mom actually suggested the Dollar Store, so I will have to go check there first.
I had an extra lavender rug from our other bathroom that I had received as a house warming gift when we moved into this house in 2007. They gave us 3 rugs, but only 2 fit nicely in the bathroom. I had it sitting in the linen closet since then cause I was not sure what to do with it. Since I was going to buy those new rugs for the other bathroom I figured I would just return this one. But they told me they could only give me $2 for it since they clearanced out that color. Frown So I told them I would just keep it. Not sure what I should do with it....I would try to sell it at the rummage sale but the person that gave it to us helps my Mom with the rummage sale, so I wouldn't want her to see that and feel bad. Hmmmm...

1 Responses to “Buying gifts and other misc shopping”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Good gift. We use our Brita constantly. Keep it in the frig for always cold water.

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