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Last day - Better get going!

November 24th, 2010 at 04:23 pm

Yikes, lsat day and I still have 11 things left! I better get my butt in gear!

Done - 1)Wrap BD present for brother
Done - 2)Take coin and gift checks to bank
Done - 3)Buy groceries for Thanksgiving salad
4)Make Thanksgiving salad
5)Pack for Thanksgiving trip
Done - 7)Clean living room
Done - 8)Shovel driveway
Done - 9)Shovel deck
Done - 10)Clean kitchen
Done - 11)Balance checkbook
12)Clean bedroom
13)Clean bathroom
Started - 14)Put up Christmas tree
Started - 15)Decorate inside of house
16)Decorate outside of house
Done - 17)3 miles on treadmill
100 situps done - 18)150 situps
10 pullups done - 19)30 pull ups
Done - 20)3 Drs apts
Done - 21)Go to DHs basketball game (cancelled)
Done - 22)Blog
Done - 23)Personal trainer apt
Done - 24)File
Done - 25)Wrap BD present for cousin
26)Cable guy apt
Done - 27)Donate Blood

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