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$20K Update - Casino Win!

December 19th, 2010 at 08:40 am

We went to the casino last night and after about 7 hours of gambling came out about $240.00 ahead! YEAH! I usually only pay penny machines so was really excited. I was betting .60 cents and won $60, and then a few minutes later was betting .30 cents and won $70! The rest of the time was $5 - $10 wins added up. So gave the $40 to DH and put the $200 into savings, along with $15 extra to even things out.

Current Balance $11,285.00
+$150.00 to EF from casino win
+$50.00 to New Car account from casino win
+$15.00 Even out amount to EF
New Balance $11,500.00

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

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