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$20K Update and my Super Secret Stash!

February 25th, 2011 at 11:51 pm

I have a Super Secret Stash (SSS) of cash. It started with just keeping a $5 here, a $10 here....then I added some $20's, some of DH's Christmas money and now we have $500 in the SSS. I didn't want this money to have to have any label. It's not savings, it's not to go on the mortgage, make a large purchase, or go on a trip....I just want it there for if we want to buy/do something we would have money that was unaccounted for so it would not come out of savings.
Last night DH and I went to the casino. We were trying to hold off till we go to Deadwood in a few weeks. But we both had a long week and thought it would be fun to go chill out for awhile. So we took some money out of the SSS and went up, and the very first game we played we put in $10, we were betting .50 cents and hit $80! Whoo hoo! The night kept going like that and we ended up coming home $380 ahead plus a bucket of change! Yeah! So I am putting $100 into the ING New Car Fund, putting the change towards the mortgage and putting the remaining $280 back in the Super Secret Stash! SSS is now at $780.00!

Current Balance $11,790.00
+$100.00 Casino Win - To New Car Fund
New Balance $11,890.00

ING $8110.00
Lawn Mower/Vacuum(cash) $350.00
HSBC $3430.00
Total = $11,890.00

Next week we should hit $12K! So excited!

1 Responses to “$20K Update and my Super Secret Stash!”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    WooHoo! Big Grin

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