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Crazy F'en Mad!!!

March 15th, 2011 at 11:54 pm

I may explode from anger! So I checked my checking account about 16 times today to see if the mortgage checks we mailed on 3/1/11 has been put through....all day they have not gone through. I get home and check the mortgage website and BAM there they are...ok that's annoying since yesterday when I called they said they had not received them yet....but now they are showing posted on 3/14/11 (the day I called) whatever. I call the mortgage company and the girl tells me they did not have them when I called (at 5pm?!) but they must have gotten them right after that. I argued with her for a few minutes that I did not understand how it takes 14 days to get my payment, but was going no where so I said fine and got off the phone. So if they just got them then I have a day or a few to get the extra money into my checking to cover the 2nd payments. So I go to look at my checking account to see what I need to cover them.....and lo and behold the checks have already gone through my account! WHAT! NOT electronic debits, the ACTUAL CHECKS and I can already see the images of them, and on the back they are stamped RECEIVED 3/8/11!!!!! OMG SOOOOOO MAAAAAD! So I call back and I am just fuming and trying to remember that the girl I am talking to didn't so this, so don't kill her. So she tells me again the checks were just received yesterday, I tell her that is not physically possibly for the checks to be received by them, ran through their bank, and then ran through my bank(local bank) in 1 business day, and also your stamp is on my check. She can not give me a good reason why that would have happened, keeps telling me it should have been credited within 24 hours, yada yada. So I tell her, now I am going to be overdrawn tomorrow because I was not planning on having both payments go through my account, and although those checks did not overdraw my account, I have 4 withdrawls coming out in the morning and even if I wait at the bank in the morning for them to open, the bank is on real time, so any autowithdrawls will come out first and I will have 4 overdraft fees now. So she tells me I can print off the copy of the check showing it was received on 3/8/11, and print of my account history showing that I was overdrawn and then fax them in with a note asking for the OD fees to be returned to me. UGH what a hassle!! So I got her name and employee ID and said I would do that but also explained to her that I should not have to do that since they messed up and kept my check on the shelf for a week........I also demanded my $12.50 fee back (the one I had to pay for making the last minute fee to my mortgage yesterday), I told her to credit that to the mortgage principle. Supposedly she is going to take care of that. Blah, so I am dreading tomorrow morning, cause even if they do reimburse the fees it is super embarrassing, annoying and just aggravating!
So now my regular payment was credited to March, the principle payment was credited to March, and the 2nd payment I made was credited to April, so I don't have to make a payment till May.

5 Responses to “Crazy F'en Mad!!!”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I wouldn't "ask" that they reimburse me the overdraft fees. I would provide documentation and politely insist. It is their error, not yours.

    Sorry you had to go through this!

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    I'm guessing their computer system for the customer service people only shows what you already see online. Maybe to them, it has only "arrived" once it posts as paid to the account.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    This happened to me with a car payment once and I threw a fit at them and they fixed it. Usually I am very polite and contained when dealing with people but I was boiling mad. Hope it all sorts out in your favor.

  4. ndchic Says:

    Do you have savings in your regular bank that you were able to transfer immediately? I usually keep a safety cushion of savings in my bank for things like this. I know that ING pays a higher interest rate but its nice to have some immediate access to your savings.

  5. Banker Gurl Says:

    I do keep a cushion in my checking, but not enough to cover a whole extra mortgage payment.

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