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Mortgage Drama continued......

March 16th, 2011 at 10:31 pm

Today I did all the crummy paper work and faxed it into them. Ten min later I get an email that says they can not refund my fees since my account number was not on my check. I looked back and I have NEVER once written my account number on my check (but you can bet I will in the future) and not only have I NEVER written the account number on the check......the PAYMENT COMES WITH A PAYMENT COUPON WITH THE ACCOUNT NUMBER!!! And even if it didn't, type in my freaking name, match the name, spouse and address on the check to the loan number!! But anyways, it DID come with the loan coupon, so that is total BS about the account number. I called AGAIN today and spoke to a manager who didn't seem to be as useless as the others I spoke to and he is going to research and call me back. In the mean time, I sat in the driveup line for 20 min this morning at my local bank waiting for them to open at 7:30am and deposited $1000 to get me back in the black, but had already gotten $60 in fees. I called my bank to make sure that no checks had been sent back and they said no, and they OFFERED to credit back the fees without my even asking! LOVE my BANK! So I got the $60 back and now the fighting with the mortgage company is just on principle. If I get my $60 back I am going to but everyone at my bank some DQ!

3 Responses to “Mortgage Drama continued......”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    That seems a little random. That shouldn't have anything to do with it. Just sounds like a nit-picky excuse.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    Here is what I would say: You credited my account, albeit late. My account number was not written on my check. Therefore, you don't need it to be on my check in order to credit my account. If you needed my account number to be on my check, then my account still would not be credited.

    I was thinking if you had a good relationship with your bank, they would probably credit you for the fees.

    You are right about the principal of the thing. Who caused the problem? Mortgage company. Who should eat the fees? Mortgage company.

    Who services your mortgage? Do you feel comfortable saying?

  3. Jerry Says:

    That mortgage company would lead me to blow my top, I think. What a bunch of manure that is! It is good that you have the insurance of a solid working relationship with your bank, maybe they can help you to refinance through them? Good luck...

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