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Low spend weekend

April 9th, 2011 at 07:50 am

So I was originally going to label this "No spend weekend". DH is out of town and I was going to try to spend $0 this weekend. The fridge is full of food, my car is full of gas, and no reason to go spend any money. But 5 min ago a good friend of mine called and said he got in a fight with his girlfriend last night and went home early. Then this morning he went to his gf house to say he was sorry, and when he got there, there was another guy in the house! Frown So he is super depressed and called to talk and wants to go get a drink tonight and talk about it. Poor guy. Frown So I will go out for a few drinks with him, but will try not to spend too much. Either way that should be my only expense of the weekend.

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