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To Do

April 9th, 2011 at 02:45 pm

DH is gone for the long weekend. He got sent to TX for work trip, JEALOUS! So I made a huge to do list to get some stuff done and get some spring cleaning done.

(X)1)Mail Netflix
(X)2)Write up calender
(X)3)Wash Dishes
(X)4)Clean out fridge
(X)5)Clean out freezer
(X)6)Wipe down fridge/freezer
(X)7)Dinner with Mom
(X)8)Clean out microwave
(X)9)Wash laundry
(X)10)Put away clothes in bedroom
(X)11)Wash bedding
(X)12)Walk electric bill to drop box
(X)14)Pay DH's medical bill
( )15)Clean off landing
( )16)Wrap wedding present
( )17)Write MOH speech
( )19)Put rugs in bathroom
( )20)Pick up bedroom
( )21)Pick up living room
( )22)Sweep floor
( )23)Mop floor
( )24)Clean out garbage closet
( )25)4/9/11 Workout
( )26)4/10/11 Workout
(X)27)Order free Coke shirt
(X)28)Renew vehicle registration
(X)29)Update 100K Club on WIR
(X)30)Organize tupperware cupboard
(X)31)Clean and pluck grapes
(X)32)Pay Discover Card

ETA - Added a few more to do and crossed off quite a few already this morning!

3 Responses to “To Do”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Thats a hefty list! Have a nice, productive weekend!!!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Holy cow. I hope you manage to get it all done.

  3. Katherine Harper Says:

    LOL @ walk electric bill to drop box and pluck grapes. Too cute!!

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