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Clothes Shopping

May 1st, 2011 at 09:05 am

My bride was in town for her dress fitting so we decided while the boys were at the Bachelor Party we would go shopping for our own grand finale! I had a lot of fun and got a lot of good deals on SUPER cute clothes!

$30.00 Yellow Bikini on clearance for $7.48
Total Spent = $7.48
Total Saved = $22.52

JCP - $10 off coupon
$12.00 Lace Tanktop, on sale for $5.99, minus $4.28 coupon = $1.71
$14.00 Cami, on sale for $7.99, minus $5.72 coupon = $2.27
$15.00 Bow Headband, on sale for $9.99
$18.00 Lace Tee, on clearance for $7.20
$26.00 Crochet Flyaway, on clearance for $10.40
$26.00 Grey Cargidan, on sale for $14.99
Total Spent = $46.56
Total Saved = $64.44

Total Spent = $54.04
Total Saved = $86.96

1 Responses to “Clothes Shopping”

  1. snafu Says:

    sounds like you had fun shopping for purchases totaling $46.56 with significant "cost avoidance." You turn that to 'savings' when you put $10. cash JC's coupon equivalent into which ever savings segment you chose. I challenge myself to add at least half any cost avoidance via sales or coupons into my appliance replacement fund.

    DH laughed at the $2. or $5. sums I added to the jar at the start, calling it paltry. I shocked myself affording to replace my antique DW in less than 2 years by including savings like $15. of your $46.56.

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