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Mortgage Payoff Account

May 1st, 2011 at 04:55 pm

Since the MOH funds are now moved over to the EF, I had an extra account with our ING that wasn't for anything specific. I decided to label it Mortgage Payoff Account. I have been wanting to start an account for this for a long time, so am glad it is finally started, even if it only has $5 in it right now. We are still going to keep paying the extra to our mortgage on a monthly basis, so this account is not going to be going up in leaps and bounds or anything. But if we make all of savings goals for the year (we are on #4 out of #8) then I would like to put any extra for the year into that account. Then do the same thing the next year, check off each of the goals and then any extra would help fill the MPA again.....keep doing this and eventually the mortgage balance and the MPA balance will equal and then the house will be paid off, YEAH!

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