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Keeping down clutter in your closet

May 3rd, 2011 at 04:26 pm

I have obscene amounts of clothes (girl - duh!) so everytime I get any new clothes I try to follow a rule to keep my closet from getting too out of control. Whenever I get any new items I take out the same kind of item from my closet, usually I put in the rummage sale box, sometimes throw away if it is something that died and I was just keeping cause I loved it at one time. So since I went shopping this weekend I went through and took out 2 tanktops, 1 shirt, a bikini and a belt for the rummage sale box. Those items covered the new ones I bought, and then for good measure I also added another tanktop threw away a pair of jeans that had been patched one too many times (seems to be a theme with me!) and a belt that was ready to break in half. This helps me a lot so that purging doesn't have to turn into a huge project, you can just do a little at a time.

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