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Bingo and Blackjack

May 7th, 2011 at 06:06 pm

I finally won at Bingo last night! Normally the bar down the street from us has Bingo every Friday night for about an hour and we will stop in every couple of weeks for the last year or so and never win at Bingo. Usually it is always packed so the pots are pretty good, but last night it was dead (probably why I finally won) and so I only won $11....lol. Oh well it payed for our Bingo at least. I also cashed out $5 ahead in blackjack. Somehow when I counted my money this morning I still had $11 more then what I started with yesterday.....which doesn't make sense....I spent my Bingo winnings on the Bingo cards, plus had drinks and only won $5 on bj, so by my math I should have been down about $7-10, depending on drinks/tips. Weird, but good! Smile

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