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Coupons and Free Stuff

May 21st, 2011 at 08:45 pm

Victoria Secret (VS3/2011)
-Free Lace HipHugger $8.50
Total spent = $0
Total saved = $8.50

Venus 4ct Razors - $2.00 coupon
1 Bottle Herbal Essences - $.50 coupon
2 Bottles of Pantene - $3.00 coupon
-Plus both bottles I bought came with a FREE 6.7oz bottle of conditioner, and $10 in additional coupons
2 Boxes Tampax - $3.00 mfr coupon AND $2.00 store coupon
Totals coupons = $10.50

This was the first time I had ever done the "double couponing". Most of the stores here do not let you double coupon an item. So with the Tampax I got one of the boxes free and one $1 off.

We went to Menards to get a fire pit for my Mom for her BD. While we were in the checkout DH saw that they had 3 packs of lint rollers for $5.09 and they had a rebate for $5.00 each. So we bought the limit of 4 and got the rebate. I will send the rebate in Monday and then they will have cost .09 each pack (.03 per roll). I figure I can open the 3 packs and sell each individual roller in the rummage sale for $1.00 each. So that would be a profit of $.97 each x 12 rollers = $11.64.
ETA - Sold all of these lint rollers for $1.00 each = $11.64 profit

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