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Back from Wendover

May 30th, 2011 at 03:08 pm

We are back from our trip. It was fun, we didn't do very well at the slots, but we did ok on the tables.
I entered my very first Texas Holdem Poker Tournament. I was the last woman standing and got 5th out of 48 entrants! So that was very cool and super fun!
We did bring back enough to put that extra $300 I wanted onto the mortgage, but with the current flood situation, I think it would be best to keep that cash until we have a better idea of what it going to happen. Right now they are still building dikes and levys and it "sounds" like we are safe where we are at from actual flooding, but things seem to be changing hourly, and there will probably be problems with ground seepage. So for right now I'm just going to hang on to the cash we brought back.

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