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May 31st, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Feeling pretty productive today.

I went to work even though many were not there due to the flooding issues. I thought of staying home to move more stuff upstairs, or going to volunteer sandbagging again, but decided I should hold onto my PTO as long as possible in case things get really bad and then I don't know how much work I would have to miss.

After work I picked up 2 sweatshirts I had taken to the tailor to get repaired. Went to the discount bread store to get bread and hot dog buns for cheap.

I FINALLY took my car in to get the radio fixed, you may remember several months ago my radio got wet and died, I bought a new radio and a friend put it in. It worked for a few months, then stopped working....friend fixed it...happened again a few weeks later...etc. And apparently it is sucking the life out of my battery cause if I don't drive it for a few days then my car is dead. So I came back from our trip to a dead car. So we took it in to get the radio fixed today and to make sure it is right and not sucking the battery anymore. Hopefully it won't cost too much.

When we were in NV I bet on a Braves game (MY TEAM!) at one of the casinos. But by the time the game was over the sports book was closed, so I had to mail in my ticket. I bet $10, and they will mail me $17.35. Once I get that back I will put $20 in savings. I also got the change and cash together from the NV trip to put into the bank.

I also payed the mortgage and mailed in another Menards Rebate for lint rollers for $20.

Now watching a movie with the hubster and then more moving and organizing out of the basement.

1 Responses to “Errands ”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Hope the floods don't cause you too much damage!

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