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Good progress already on my To Do list!

June 20th, 2011 at 05:47 pm

I got a few things off my list all ready this morning. Went to the dentist (no cavities again, YEAH!), donated blood, called the chiro office, organized the tupperware cupboard, and went through my bin of purses. I only found 2 to get rid of, thought I would find more. But got those in with the rummage sale box. Also found 3 chapsticks, a nail file and .90 cents. Smile
Should get a few more things done today, including fun items of reading, taking a nap and watching The People's Court (my guilty pleasure!).

(X)1)Dentist Apt
(X)2)Donate Blood
( )3)Take in recycling
(X)4)Take back library books
( )5)Clean out car
( )6)Organize garage
(X)7)Call chiro to check on DH's bill
( )8)Clean out study
(X)9)Wax eyebrows
( )10)Laundry
( )11)Clean bedroom
(X)12)Organize Tupperware cupboard
( )13)Clean out kitchen closet
( )14)Clean out hottub
( )15)Boys Softball
( )16)Girls Softball
( )17)Go to BD lunch with Mom
(X)18)Go through purses for rummage sale
( )19)Work at trailer
( )20)File

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