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$600.....Really?! :)

July 23rd, 2011 at 04:20 pm

So I was sitting here trying to figure out how much we can pay extra to the mortgage for August.....and I realized that we made it almost all the way through the summer with DH making $600 less per month, and it hasn't effected us. We still have been paying a lot ($500+) extra to the mortgage each month, still making regular savings deposits and still paying all of our normal bills....plus have not taken any money out of savings even with a $500 unexpected car repair bill. We may end of having to take some out of savings for the car repair, a new vacuum and a new lawn mower....I am still juggling a little to try to keep from doing that. But that is what the savings is there for, so if we have to it's no big deal. But even if we did, those were special expenses, it's not like having to take money out of savings because of spending too much or not making enough in the summer. So after this revalation it makes me wonder if we aren't being agressive enough with our savings or mortgage paydown. If we can get by rather easily with $600 less per month....then we should definitely be able to increase one or both goals. DH will start getting his school pay again in September so I will have to see what he thinks too and see if we can actually find this "elusive" extra $600 and direct it to somewhere productive.

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