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Very productive day on the Home Improvements front

August 21st, 2011 at 10:54 pm

My Mom came and helped me clean out our garage today since we will be having a rummage sale next weekend. Normally we have then all summer long, but since we didn't this year due to the flooding we had a VERY dirty garage. We got it all cleaned up though and my parents are starting to bring the tables and stuff to sale down tonight.
I also got the aluminum cans ready to take in to recycling as well. We had another bad storm this week and it blew a piece of our aluminum trim off of our house and bent it all up, so I will take that with to the recycling too and we will have to go buy a new one.
We had a friend who is good with electrical come over and he fixed our doorbell, fireplace, 4 electrical outlets and the electric locks on DH's car! So happy to have all of those minor repairs done in one day. I tried to pay him, but all he wanted was a case of beer. Smile We also gave him our old lawnmower cause he fixes up old lawnmowers and sells them, so we just gave it to him and he can have it for parts or to fix up and everybody wins. Smile

Here's how we are doing on home improvements/repairs:

New Roof
New Living Room couch and 2 recliners
King Mattress
Flat sceen TV and Stand
Patio Furniture

New Patio Door Blinds

New Hot Tub Cover

New blinds for living room and bedroom
Remodeled downstairs bathroom
New Washer and Dryer
New Laptop

Fixed Fireplace
Fixed Doorbell
New Lawn Mower
New Vacuum

Here are some of our proposed projects and purchases:
Underground sprinkler system
New dishwasher
New bedroom set
New family room furniture (downstairs)
Fix and paint lattice under deck
Put plastic under rock beds
Fix holes and dents in walls
Paint deck
Fix piece of siding that blew of house
Plant new tree in the front yard

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