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Rummage Sale Weekend

August 28th, 2011 at 08:45 am

We had a rummage sale this weekend. So far we made about $30 selling our stuff and about $40 in the FREE stuff we got from my friend. We will be open for a few more hours today, so hopefully will make a little more. But it just hasn't been very busy, and we didn't have any big stuff....mostly just clothes, books, and misc junk.

Also DH and I are on 2 coed softball teams, and had already paid the fee for both of them, $20 a piece. One of the teams couldn't get enough girls, so we got our money back from that, $20 for each of us, plus $20 that we paid for one of our friends cause he didn't have any money with at the time. So $60 total and I will just be adding that into our checking cushion, we are getting very close to meeting that goal!

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