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Week of 9/18/11 - CVS Deals and more flipper floppers

September 18th, 2011 at 02:33 pm

I went back to JCP today and bought the rest of the flip flops.....another 15 flip flops for .17 per pair. They did not have the extra 15% off today. Total saved on this purchase was $147.45 and total spent was $2.70!

Then I went to CVS to pick up a few things.

4 boxes of Cheerios
-Regular $3.39 per box
-On sale for $2.50 per box
-Minus $1.00 off of 4 mfr coupon
-End price is $2.25 per box
-Savings of $4.56

Scanned our CVS card and got a BOGO Free coupon on 5 Gum
-Regular $1.57 per pack
-On sale for $1.00 per pack
-Minus $1.57 BOGO coupon
-End price of .21 cents per pack!!
-Savings of $2.71

3 cases JBT 24 pack of Bottled Water
-Regular price $3.99 per case
-On sale for $2.22
-Savings of $5.31

Then I used $3.69 EB I had from last week, so my total OOP was $12.40.

Total spent between CVS and JCP was $15.10 and total saved was $165.32!

All of this for just $15.10!

1 Responses to “Week of 9/18/11 - CVS Deals and more flipper floppers”

  1. gene pate Says:

    i really like to shop at cvs because of the great savings.


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